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An explosive mix of wit and knowledge! Are you one of the ninety percent of the population who hated chemistry in school? Then you have come to the right place with this book. Because Andreas Korn-Müller knows how to show us the astonishing areas of application of chemistry in everyday life in unusual pictures and with the help of impressive experiments: Why don't we go moldy like toast? How can you make washing powder glow? Why don't stones burn? Nowhere else will you be told why antibodies can be compared to mittens and why electrons act like foreign ministers. In the end, you'll wish you never voted out chemistry. With exciting experiments to imitate!

The Chemistry is right there

  • Interesting facts from the realm of molecules
    Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller


    rororo paperback
    ISBN 978-3-499-62816-0


    256 pages
    18,8 x 12,4 x 2 cm

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