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Here, curious young researchers can see for themselves that chemistry is fun! Tried and tested experiments: child's play and strongly recommended for imitation! With easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the chemical processes involved in each experiment!

In the alchemist laboratory, in the laboratory of giant molecules, in the rocket lab and in the magic lab there are tons of ideas and great experiments: secret inks, candle extinguishing as if by magic, magical starch pulp, match rockets, firefly tricks, magical glove flowers and much more - try it out here.

The Crazy Chemistry Lab

  • The Crazy Chemistry Lab
    Andreas Korn-Müller, Alexander Steffensmeier (illustrations)


    from 9 years
    7th edition 2017 (German)
    2nd edition 2018 (Italian)
    Verlag FISCHER Sauerländer

    ISBN 978-3-7373-6479-9


    48 pages
    28 x 21 cm


    "Magic Andy" reveals his greatest tricks!
    Tried and tested chemistry experiments: child's play and strongly recommended to imitate! With everyday chemical quiz – with a glossary, lists of ingredients and safety tips.

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