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This is how your body works!

Biochemistry is not only found in the laboratory: our bodies also hiss and boil! In this book, curious researchers will find out how and why.

What happens in the stomach when we eat and drink? Why does our voice sound different when we cover our ears?

To prepare "boogers" from gummy bears? Yeah! Make oral mucous membrane cells visible with a laser pointer without a microscope? No problem! Thunderstorms of chips, blowing competitions or eating in the headstand - children are asked to get to know their bodies with simple experiments in an amusing and playful way. In this way you will find understandable answers to questions about biological processes in our body.

What your body can do

  • What your body can do
    Andreas Korn-Müller, Petra Eimer (illustrations)


    from 6 years
    1st edition 2017
    Verlag FISCHER Sauerländer
    ISBN 978-3-7373-5431-8

    46 pages
    28 x 21 cm

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