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HIV Biochemistry Show
model show about our immune system and the AIDS virus

"Andreas Korn-Müller is definitely authentic. After studying chemistry, he did his doctorate at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich. He then worked in AIDS research and designed exhibitions for the German Museum."

With simple and very clear everyday models and some spectacular experiments
• the human immune system (phagocytes, antibodies and killer cells)
• the structure and life cycle of the virus
• opportunities for HIV antiviral therapy
• and the HIV antibody test explained.




Confetti bomb as a "virus sling", 6 cartoon-like virus and cell models (with faces, flags and mousetrap), a vacuum cleaner cell model, mittens as a model for antibodies, 2 boxes of chocolates as virus models, 3 virus enzymes as a copier, as a tube of glue and as scissors, high-security clothing, electron microscope images of HIV / bacteria / immune cells, various condoms and carrots / cucumbers / bananas

show offer

with following highlights
Confetti bomb as a virus sling, presentation of immune cells: phagocytes, B cells, killer cells, helper cells, immune response/immune defense in the body, bacteria, viruses, what is special about HIV, football-sized, cartoon-like cells, virus and HIV models, box of chocolates as HIV model, work in the high-security laboratory L3, HIV antibody test, viral load, chemiluminescence test, blood-enzyme reaction, infection routes from HIV, condom cactus experiment, condom trial room - correct use of condoms, safe sex

Possible finish for school classes, depending on the age of the audience (> 14 years): The “condom tasting room”: The show concludes with the correct use of condoms. Voluntary young audience/teenagers/schoolchildren are supposed to “handle” condoms on stage. The young people are asked about their knowledge and how to use condoms correctly. To do this, carrots are distributed over which a condom is to be pulled. Korn-Müller humorously discusses the four most common application errors. There is open talk about condoms, various condoms are unpacked and tried on carrots and cucumbers, including unusable condoms without the EC symbol.


75-90 min.


target audience 

The general public,  students from grade 8




The scientific content of the show can be varied depending on the audience (pupils, laypeople, experts). The latest findings in HIV research are also included and communicated on the show.

Abendzeitung München

After studying chemistry, he did his PhD – at the age of 28 – at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, then worked in AIDS research and later designed exhibitions for the Deutsches Museum and the Deutsches Hygiene Museum. Ten years ago he gave up his scientific career and turned his hobby into a profession.

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