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News from Magic Andy’s Crazy Chemistry Lab


Magic Andy likes to make nonsense and loves chemistry. With his new book he proves once again that chemistry is guaranteed not to be boring.

In four laboratories (fragrance laboratory, fire laboratory, magic laboratory and kitchen laboratory) he presents experiments that every child can easily imitate at home: even stink bombs and homemade crash glasses. Here, curious young scientists learn how to make labels that smell of lemon, how to build a miracle torch that burns underwater, or how to trigger a miniature thunderstorm in a piece of sugar. This is how “dry” science becomes an experience!

With easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions and an explanation of the chemical processes involved in each experiment!

Brief, easy-to-understand explanations of the scientific background to each experiment and a chemical quiz of everyday life ensure that you learn something while cheering and spraying sparks! With a glossary, lists of ingredients and safety tips.

The Crazy Experimental Lab

  • The Crazy Experimental Lab
    Andreas Korn-Müller, Alexander Steffensmeier (illustrations)


    from 9 years
    March 2019
    Verlag FISCHER Sauerländer
    ISBN: 978-3-7373-5640-4

    48 pages
    28 x 21 cm

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