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Science & Culture

  • German Museum, Munich 17x

  • German Museum, Nuremberg

  • German Hygiene Museum, Dresden 3x

  • Senckenberg Museum, Frankfurt

  • Historical Museum Bern/Switzerland

  • Historical Museum, Speyer

  • Phenomenta Luedenscheid 2x

  • Children- and Youth Museum, Nuremberg 3x

  • Technical Museum, Dresden

  • Science Center Innovatum/Högskolan Trollhättan/Sweden (in English)

  • Science Center „experimenta“, Heilbronn 5x

  • Urania, Berlin 6x

  • Show Tour South Tyrol (Meran, Bozen, Bruneck) 6 shows

  • Goethe Institute Bangkok/Thailand, 2 shows, teacher’s workshop

  • Long Night of Sciences, Berlin 7x

  • Long Night of Sciences,, Dresden 4x

  • Long Night of Sciences,, Hamburg

  • Long Night of Sciences,, Stuttgart

  • Long Night of Sciences,, Konstanz 2x

  • Long Night of Technics, TU Ilmenau

  • Long Night of Museums, Frankfurt

  • Long Night of Museums, Bern/Switzerland

  • Long Night of Physics, Bern/Switzerland

  • Long Night of Museums, Bozen/Italy

  • Children’s University, Hamburg 4x

  • Children’s University, Celle 2x

  • Children’s University, Bad Harzburg 3x

  • Children’s University, Deggendorf

  • Lagerhalle e.V. Osnabrück 10x

  • „Energy Spectacle“ for Einstein‘s year, Bern/Switzerland 14 shows

  • Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

  • German Federal Foundation Environment

  • „Knowledge is cool“, Darmstadt

  • International German School, Brussels/Belgium

  • Year of chemistry: Berlin 2x 12 shows, Essen 12 shows, Halle

  • Year of earth sciences, Dresden

  • Chemistry teachers conference, Utrecht/Netherlands

  • University of Bielefeld 2x, Bonn, Dresden 2x, Hamburg 2x, Munich 2x, Stuttgart 4x, Wuppertal 2x, Essen, Wuerzburg


  • Abu Dhabi/VEA (2011 / 9 shows, 2013 / 26 shows, 2014 / 30 shows, 2015 / 30 shows, Al Ain: 2019 / 21 shows)

  • Peking/China (2019 / 8 shows)

  • Bangkok/Thailand (2010 / 5 shows)

Science Festivals

  • Abu Dhabi Science Festival 5x (in English/Arabic)

  • Beijing Science Festival (in English/Chinese)

  • Highlights of Physics: Dresden, Stuttgart, Bremen, Frankfurt, Halle, Ulm, Muenster, Dortmund, Bonn, Wuerzburg

  • MINT-Festival Jena

  • Science Days, Europa Park, Rust (yearly)

  • Science Days for Children, Europa Park, Rust (yearly)

  • Science Festival Bielefeld (GENIALE)

  • Science Festival Bozen/Italy

  • Science Festival Genua/Italy (in Italian!)

  • Science Festival „Isola di Einstein“ Lago Tresimeno/Italy (in English/Italian)

  • Science Festival Luxemburg 5x

  • Science Day Luxemburg 2x

  • Science Days, Frankfurt 2x

  • Science on Stage European Science Festival Geneva/Switzerland

  • Giovedi Scienza, Torino/Italy

  • Chemistry Day University of Padova/Italy 3x (in English/Italian)

  • Science Picnic, Warsaw/Polen (in Polish!)

  • Science Week Experimentarium, Kopenhagen/Denmark (in English)

  • Explore Science, Mannheim 2x

  • Explore Science, Bremen


  • City Festival Dresden

  • waterworks Dresden 3x

  • municipal utilities Dortmund (150 years anniversary show)

  • World Heritage Voelklinger Foundry

  • visitor mine F60 (lignite mining area)

  • Dresdner transport company

  • Nuremberger city anniversary

  • LanXESS Leverkusen, anniversary celebration

  • BAYER AG Leverkusen 8x, Uerdingen 3x, Dormagen

  • BASF Antwerpen 12 shows (in Netherlands)

  • BASF Ludwigshafen

  • BASF Schwarzheide 2x

  • Berlin-Chemistry AG

  • SIEMENS Annual Conference/city hall Erlangen


  • DECHEMA, Frankfurt 2x

  • DESY (German Electrons Synchroton) Hamburg 2x

  • XFEL Hamburg

  • HaBe concrete chemistry, Hameln

  • Jenapharm, Weimar

  • Orgentec, Mainz 2x

  • NOXMAT, Oederan

  • AICHELIN, Moedling (Austria)

  • Westhaus Energy Technology

Literature Festivals

  • LitCologne Literature Festival Cologne 4x

  • Literature Festival „Seiteneinsteiger“ Hamburg

  • Abraxas Children’s Literature Festival Zug/Switzerland

  • Herbstlese Erfurt

  • Literature House Frankfurt

  • Literature Festival Backnang 3x

  • Festivaletteratura (Internat. Literature Festival) Mantova/Italy

  • Book Fair/Goethe-Institute Bangkok/Thailand

  • Youth Literature Dresden

  • lesen.hören Mannheim

  • Children’s Culture Winter Guetersloh

  • Blue Night Nuremberg/library campus 2x


  • International Book Fair Bangkok/Thailand (4 shows, teacher’s workshop)

  • Leipzig Book Fair

  • Expo Hannover 2x (2009, 2011; 26 shows)

  • Hannover Fair 2x

  • ExpoReal Fair Munich

  • didacta Education Fair Cologne

  • INEA Invention Fair Nuremberg

  • Health Fair Fulda, Rodheim, Groß-Umstadt, Marburg, Hanau, Frankfurt


  • ARD/WDR    „Kopfball“ 18x, „Planet Wissen“

  • 3sat        „nano“

  • ZDF/KiKa    „Tabaluga tivi“

  • MTV        „MTV select“

  • Pro 7        „Galileo“

  • Kabel 1    „Abenteuer Leben – täglich Wissen“

  • ZDF        „ZDF-Fernsehgarten“ 2x

  • RBB        „zibb-Sommergarten“ 2x

  • ZDF        „Johannes B. Kerner“

  • SAT1        „Kerner“

  • MDR        „Hier ab Vier“

  • NDR        „DAS!“

  • SWR        „Tigerenten Club“ 2x

In Europe

  • Bozen/Italy 4x

  • Genua/Italy

  • Mantova/Italy

  • Padova/Italy 2x

  • Perugia/Italy

  • Turin/Italy

  • Meran/Italy

  • Brunico/Italy

  • Bern/Switzerland

  • Genf/ Switzerland

  • Zug/ Switzerland

  • Villigen/ Switzerland

  • Luxembourg city 5x

  • Diekirch/Luxembourg

  • Echternach/Luxembourg

  • Walferdange/Luxembourg

  • Hosingen/Luxembourg

  • Maeder + Satteins/Austria

  • Klagenfurt/ Austria

  • Wien/ Austria

  • Trollhättan/Sweden

  • Utrecht/Netherlands

  • Kopenhagen/Denmark

  • Antwerpen/Belgium

  • Brüssel/Belgium

  • Warschau/Poland

Awards & Grants


GDCh-Grant for Frankfurt Airport Symposium
„HIV infection: chemotherapeutic developments“



Doctoral scholarship from the Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Culture, Science and Art



Scholarship to participate in the Gordon Research Conference "New Visualization Technologies For Science Education", Irsee Monastery



Scholarship from the Boehringer Ingelheim Fund to participate in the International Medical Summer School on the subject "Latest Insights in Natural Course and Therapy of AIDS" at the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam



“Magic Andy” is the PUSH winner of the 20,000 DM action program “PUSH – Public Understanding of Sciences and Humanities, Dialogue Science and Society” of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft for: “Chemical Wild West – with smoking guns and dynamite; a science theater"



Award for Korn-Müller’s first book "The crazy chemistry lab": BILD DER WISSENSCHAFT: "The most knowledgeable book for young readers", 2nd place (12/2004) How about a visit to the Crazy Chemistry Lab?!



Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller is the winner of the European Science Festival "SCIENCE ON STAGE" in Geneva for the on-stage performance endowed with € 10,000: "HIV Biochemistry Show"



"Essen University Prize 2008" from the University of Duisburg-Essen to Dr. Andreas Korn-Müller (Science Comedy) “for his achievement in translating the findings of natural research into science theater. His extraordinary stage shows combine experiments with entertainment and create a creative and lively communication of science”. Award ceremony: July 3rd, 2008 University of Essen (Audimax). Endowment: € 2,500

The content conception of scientific exhibitions for museums and science centers is another field of activity of Andreas Korn-Müller.

Drafts of ideas and concepts for the implementation of scientific content as experiments, stagings, games, images as well as the creation of exhibition texts and object research.

Permanent pharmacy exhibition

  • Journey into the microcosm/walk-in cell, drug development, infectious diseases, nerves & pain, cancer, AIDS.

  • Scripts for multimedia stations “Immune System”, “Cancer” and “Aids”.

  • Concept and script for a multimedia image show on the subject of genetic engineering in the walk-in cell (journey into the microcosm).

Permanent pharmacy exhibition

  • Concept for a multimedia and experimental show lecture hall (Science Center Chemistry).

  • Concept for a multi-image laser show on the topic of AIDS.

  • Concept for exhibition stations “detergents” and “explosives”.

Deutsches Museum München

Electroplating exhibition

  • Concept and script for a multimedia electroplating model system with use of robots and a moving display.

  • Script for the multimedia station "electroplating" ("electroiplating protects and decorates").

Gen World special exhibition

  • Gene laboratory (genetic engineering methods for the production of drugs).

  • Exhibition stations "Heart Attack", “Multiple Sclerosis"and "Vaccines".

  • Screenplay for video game on the subject of hepatitis B vaccine.

Special exhibition on the subject of "aging"

  • Implementation ideas on the subject of cell division, cell death, biochemical aging

Deutsches Hygiene Museum Dresden

​ Fire exhibition

  • Conception, development and implementation of a “fire laboratory” and a “fire experimentation room”.

  • Scripts for experimental screenings on "The History and Nature of Fire", "Making Fire" and "Extinguishing Fire".

  • Conception and drafting of a script for an experimental show on the subject of “light”.

Technische Sammlungen Dresden

Permanent climate exhibition "Cloud 8“

  • Conception, development and implementation of three exhibit experiments on the topic of the greenhouse effect (temperature difference CO2 and air in comparison with irradiation with light, albedo effect (light absorption and reflection) of various materials as a hands-on station, outdoor greenhouse effect via temperature measurement of glass containers with CO2, N2O (laughing gas) and air in comparison).

Bevorstehende Veranstaltungen

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