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Chemical Wild West
science show with smoking guns and dynamite

"Chemical Wild West" is a science show with a Wild West backdrop and modern lighting and stage technology. 

As a science theater, "Chemical Wild West" presents spectacular chemical and physical experiments in an entertaining way as a choreographically exciting, breathtaking and humorous Wild West Show combined with comedy, entertainment, pantomime, sound, light and pyrotechnical effects. 




The man who shoots faster than his own shadow!

show offer

with following highlights 

among others: A candle is lit by a pistol shot, “Magic Drinks” are mixed at the saloon bar in the Saloon, Lucky Luke will use the phosphorescent light cabinet to prove that he can actually shoot faster than his own shadow, a sheriff's star in silver is gold-plated, a cactus donates water for the sheriff and a flower for the butterfly, slow-motion duel with the sheriff, flying cartridge, water is brought to a boil at the cowboys' campfire by simply laying on of hands, a bronze oxyhydrogen cannon shoots softballs and soft toys into the auditorium, smoke rings for Winnetou, using rust to weld railroad tracks together (thermite mixture), open fire in the "ring of fire", powder kegs "fly into the air", a spectator can try to hit bottles at the shooting range with a revolver, crash glass stunt show. With lots of hands-on activities!


60-90 Min.

target audience 

The general public, scientists, conference participants, students, schoolchildren, families with children from 8 years




Embedded in changing roles of his person as an entertainer and with the involvement of the audience, the experiments not only have a direct reference to the Wild West but also beyond that up to the present day. A fundamental "aha experience" is conveyed, according to the motto: "I've never seen chemistry from this point of view!"

National Geographic
Chemistry as comedy

A touch of campfire romance hangs over the stage. Smoke, explosions, pantomime and music shape the science theater.

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