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A Chemist’s Comedy
Magic Andy’s Fantastic Chemistry Show

Magic Andy offers a wide range of different shows that present chemical, physical and biological phenomena and experiments. In any case, there is plenty to be amazed and laughed about!

The master of acids and salts amazes and fascinates with material transformation processes paired with witty entertainment. In his science comedy shows, chemistry, which is often misunderstood as dry and humorless, reveals itself to be the bearer of charm and wit. In short: Instead of gold, Korn-Müller creates laughter.

A Chemist’s Comedy – Magic Andy's Fantastic Chemistry Show
The Crazy Chem Lab – the show for the book
The Magic of Flames & Fire – Magic Andy’s Fire Show

bright & colorful – Magic Andy's Light Show
high energy – Magic Andy‘s Energy Show
Chemical Wild West – science show with smoking guns and dynamite

HIV Biochemistry Show – model show about our immune system and the AIDS virus

WOW: What your body can do! – The show for the book

Inquiries about individual shows are also gladly taken into account,

so there are always special shows on certain topics such as:

BANG - molecules in action
steam, hiss, sparkle - Magic Andy’s water show
Magic Andy’s magic colors
The healthy-stay show
Magic Andy’s luminous show

sweet and sticky - The Sugar Show

The Climate Show

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